ZTA Mother/ Daughter Tea

Wow. This was my first big event as an alumna. I have been to a few meetings where mainly we just eat and gossip (what more could you ask for?).
Once a semester the collegiate chapter (that I was once a part of -- sniff) hosts either a mother's event or a father's event. Sometimes we will have a family weekend as well. The alumnae chapter steps in as surrogate mothers for the girls whose mothers live too far away to come in for a weekend. A girl gets to feel special and gets to know one of the alumna while the alumnae get free food and participate in the craft or activity.
I was able to act as a stand-in mother this weekend for a girl that I actually helped recruit (whew hold back the tears). It was fun to catch up on the chapter gossip, try to be crafty and snack on some good cookies.
A few people asked me if I was actually her mother- I'm not sure how I should feel about that statement.



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