Korean Beauty Trend, What's Up?

I'm sure everyone has seen those really fun videos where people try out Korean Beauty products: masks, scrubs, cremes whatever. From Popsugar to Allure: everyone is testing it out. I decided to do the same.

While on a Labor Day shopping trip with my sister and mom, I found a fun looking mini soap.

This Coalion soap costs $5 from Sephora

Doesn't that look fun?!
I have struggled with acne for all of my teen and now adult life. So when I saw this little guy I jumped on it. 
I've tried it for a week: washing my face, twice a day, seven days. Here's how I feel about it: 
I was immediately disappointed. I wanted to have this fun bubbly little explosion sitting in my hand. There was nothing other than the foam from lather. After the first wash, my skin was noticeably smoother. I enjoyed that part of it. As the week went on, I felt like my skin wasn't so much smoother as it was oily. I noticed more pimples pop up. Which was strange because it was the very thing the soap was to take care of. I had not changed my diet or exercise routine. Therefore, I am certain that the soap had something to do with my increase in acne. 

Some Korean beauty products may be awesome, but I'm not sold on this one. I do, will admit, that my skin is normally extremely oil especially in the summer. So my increase in acne may have been fueled by the smoothness or oil somehow expedited the acne crop. 

Looks cute and fancy, but it doesn't do what it's sold to do.
Don't let my bad experience with this Korean beauty product deter you from trying some out. I will probably try out another Korean product. I have had mishaps with American made products. I feel like it's part of growing up with acne. You try a product for a little bit, if it doesn't work you go to another one. Until you find the balance of products that works for your skin type, that's all you really can do. 
Personally I swear by Cetaphil and coconut oil. I occasionally throw in a toner. I still have acne, but I have learned to just live with it. Hopefully it will subside.
I digress. 
Have you tried any Korean beauty products? What is your skin ritual?



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