Things to do (or not) on Labor Day

Make pancakes. Drink coffee.

Light every single candle you own... now my home smells like my work office and I love it. (PS I feel like I should mention I intern for a candle company)

Think about doing homework.

Lay around with your roommate's dog, because she is responsible and actually doing work on Labor Day

Clean up your attempts at having a green thumb and canning... I tried to can strawberries last spring and it was not good. I also had a few plants who recently passed on to the great beyond for green things.

Study for the GRE. Yup, makes no sense but I'd rather do work the GRE than homework that due tomorrow.

Catch up on laundry.

Go over to someone else's house to hang out with their dog. 

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!


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