My First Week Out West

Hello everyone!
I am writing to you from the staff lounge of my new home in Grand Teton National Park. That's right. This summer I am getting paid to live, work and play in one of the most gorgeous places in the United States. I am working for the Grand Teton Lodge Company as a bilingual retail clerk and aide. It pays to be bilingual everyone.

So my first few days here were a little busy and hectic. I had to get used to the climate and altitude... I don't have the best time with altitude sickness. Seeing I am from Mississippi, we have some steep altitude. I've gotten settled into my dorm and my roommate is awesome. Her name is Amanda, she is exactly my age. She's from Utah and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about her in the next few months. Plus she's a cook, so she can bring me back some yummy food from the dining rooms.

My dorm room

I haven't gotten to do much hiking or exploring yet. I have been working every day since I got here from about 8-5pm. I try to relax in the evenings with a good book or good friends.

This post is basically to tell everyone that I'm alive.
Unfortunately since this is an employee community computer, I cannot post any pictures until I get home in August. I promise to update the posts with pictures or just upload a whole mess of them in August.

If any of y'all have been to the Grand Tetons or Jackson Hole, WY and have any fun things to do, please holla at me!


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