What it's Really Like to be a French Major

I'm here to break some stereotypes about French majors and tell you how we really live. Because I know you've all been wondering for your whole college career...

  1. We are all wine and cheese snobs. 
            There is more than red and white... Cheese is a living masterpiece, treat it like one

     2. About 1/3 of the books we own are in French
           Textbooks. Poetry. Bible. Harry Potter. I got it all

     3. We  randomly have a "French moment"

           Putain! Where are my keys?!

     4.  We all at one point have tried to convience people that we are French exchange students.

           Bonjour, I am Maczy. I am French *waves French flag*

     5.  We all have used French as a flirting technique... at least twice.

          Yeah, I French.

     6. Our scarf collections are a tad excessive. 

         NEVER too many scarves

     7. We scoff at all the tacky French things that Americans think is French.

          An ANOTHER boutique named oh la la?!

     8. We can name more cities in France than just Paris and we can unanimously agree Paris is great but the rest of France is better. 

         Lyon. Lille. Chamonix. Rouen. Nancy. Strasbourg. Nice. Cannes. (My beloved Grenoble) wowwwww there IS more than the Eiffel Tower! 

     9. We roll our eyes when someone says that they know French, but they only took two semesters in high school.

       I am so glad you can order a coffee in French, but WE can exchange stocks in French-- can you even do that in English?

     10. It doesn't matter the cause, we're always up for a revolution. 

       Free popcorn at the movie theatre tonight? Ugh. I want a Twix bar too! Let's start a coup. 

Did you learn something new about us French majors?


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