Outstanding Oslo

I have no idea why I am so drawn to the Scandinavian countries, but I am. When I saw that I had four days off from school I quickly booked a trip to Norway. I would fly into Oslo, spend a day and a half in Oslo then take the ever famous train between Oslo and Bergen. I spent another day and a half in Bergen before returning back to Oslo then Milan then Grenoble. It was quite a quick trip, but worth every penny and minute of sleep lost.

Once I got off the plane in Oslo, they push you through the duty-free section before getting your luggage. I thought it was so strange that EVERYONE picked up something from the duty-free section. I asked someone on the bus into town (every Norwegian starts learning English at age 6) why everyone wanted to buy bottles upon bottles of alcohol  at the duty free shop. Apparently Norway has extremely high taxes on alcohol so people always buy as much as they can when they travel. Alright, noted. It was already dark by the time that I took the bus into Oslo so I didn't get the chance to marvel at any of the scenery. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked into my hotel that I had gotten upgraded for free. Heck yes, only 3 hours in Norway and I already love this country.

The next morning, I tucked into a large Norwegian breakfast and went out to explore.

The famous shopping street, Karl Johans gate

At the end of Karl Johans gate, is the Norwegian Royal Palace. Good Morning Royal Family!

Norway really loves trolls. They play a HUGE part in their folklore.
This is also a picture of me after falling in love with Norway.

The Nobel Peace Prize Center at Oslo Harbor

In Oslo Harbor sits the National Opera, you can walk on the top of the opera house
 and I met a new friend who gave me the insider tips of Oslo!

There are a great mix between old and new in Oslo.
Plus I just really love boats.

The great Vigeland park was nice to take goofy pictures,
 wonder around aimlessly, practice my Norwegian and (obviously) admire the works.

Vigeland Park and Oslo sky 
 After spending the majority of the day in the Oslo city center, I traveled a little bit outside of the city to the Norsk Folk Museum. I seriously recommend this museum if you have the time to visit and if you are visiting in either the summer or fall. (Norway really does fall well) It is a collection of old buildings set up to resemble what life would have been like in the old times. It was really interesting and I greatly enjoyed it!

Sweet little farmhouse

The highlight of my visit, a 13th century Stave wooden church. 
How awesome it that! It was in great condition.

A little school field trip, teaching kids about traditional Norwegian food

They even had a small working farm with animals! My Southern heart was happy

Kinda looks like a fairy tale right?
In my next post, I will tell you about my trip to one of the greatest cities I have ever been to-- Bergen!



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