Visit all 28 EU countries? Challenge Accepted.

It's no surprise that I love love love love to travel. I also really enjoy setting goals for myself. I'm not really sure what spurred this crazy notion of mine, but something did and naturally I just rolled with it.

So here it is. My latest goal:

Before graduating with my Master's Degree in June 2019, I want to visit all 28* EU countries.

*okay, I know technically, the UK has voted to no longer a part of the EU. However, when I set the goal the UK was... so I am including it in the final count. Plus, I visited the country when it was a part of the EU, so it counts.*

For giggles and fun, I decided to gather pictures of my previous travels within the EU and share them with all you lovely people. The following is one picture of myself for each EU country I have visited. I plan to continue the tradition with every country I check off the list. So... let's go! 

I have also included some of my blog posts from said countries, so you can read about some of my travels.

#1 Austria (Dec. 2007)

Salzburg, Austria

#2 Germany (December 2007)

Munich, Germany

#3 France (July 2011)

Lyon, France
Chateau de Vizille
A Weekend in the South of France
Lille was lovely
A Day in Normandy: Ohama Beach & La Pointe du Hoc
Flixbus: Paris

#4 Belgium (January 2012)

Brugge, Belgium

#5 UK (March 2014)

London, England
#tbt: London, England
Flixbus: London

#6 Italy (October 2015)

Milan, Italy

#7 Spain (November 2015)

Barcelona, Spain
Flixbus: Barcelona

#8 The Netherlands (March 2017)

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Week in Amsterdam: Day 1
Week in Amsterdam: Day 2
Week in Amsterdam: Day 3
Week in Amsterdam: Day 4 & 5
Week in Amsterdam: Day 6
Flixbus: Amsterdam

#9 Sweden (August 2017) 

          *technically I visited Denmark before Sweden, however it was just the airport*

Helsingborg, Sweden

#10 Denmark (August 2017)

Copenhagen, Denmark
      *this is the first picture that I took of myself in Denmark even though it was not my time in Denmark*

#11 Czech Republic (December 2017)

Prague, Czech Republic
Winter Trip to Prague
Glimpse of Winter in Prague & Bratislava

#12 Slovakia (December 2017)

Devin Castle, Slovakia 
Day Trip to Devin Castle from Bratislava
Glimpse of Winter in Prague and Bratislava

That's it so far folks! 12 down, 16 to go!! This upcoming semester I plan to travel to Poland, Finland and Estonia. Do you have any tips about traveling to these countries? Do you know anyone who has done a similar challenge? If so, I'd love to hear from them! 

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**I have updated the original post with my Flixbus articles**


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