Glimpse of Winter in Prague & Bratislava

After classes ended in December, I decided to take a solo trip to Prague and Bratislava as a little treat for surviving a semester of grad school and an early birthday present to myself. I have never been to Eastern Europe, so I had no idea what to expect. The furthest east I had been in Europe was Austria, which in the scheme of things isn't that far east. I had heard so many wonderful things about Prague: how lovely the city was and how reasonably priced it was. While I had no expectations for Bratislava or Slovakia. Between the two I enjoyed Bratislava much more, which may be a surprise to many people. Don't get me wrong- Prague is absolutely gorgeous and is a must see, but Bratislava just totally took me by surprise.  Maybe it's because I went into the trip with no idea really what Bratislava was like or maybe it's because Bratislava is just an awesome city to visit... let me know what y'all think if you've been to both cities. 

I will write further posts about each city and what I did there, but until then... here's some of my favorite pictures I took over the duration of the trip. 



I can't wait to tell y'all more about my trip to these awesome gems of cities in Europe! 

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