Fall Weekend Break to Stockholm

In October (yeah sorry, I haven't been more up to date) had a break from school in between courses so my friend and classmate Chris decided that it would be a great chance to visit Stockholm for a long weekend. We booked all of our travel arrangements on Tuesday to leave on Friday night (not the smartest). The cheapest option for travel was Flixbus. We drove overnight to Stockholm and in the morning we had arrived in Stockholm.

The original costumes ABBA wore when they won Eurovision

Vasa Museum

After checking into the hostel and freshening up, we headed out to explore Stockholm!

The first day we went to the Vasa Museum and ABBA Museum. I highly recommend the ABBA Museum. Even if you aren't the biggest fan, you still need to go. It was so much fun to walk around and hear their story from beginning to end. The Vasa Museum is 110 SEK (about $12.50) for students and ABBA Museum is 250 SEK (no student discounts). I enjoyed the Vasa Museum since it's probably one the bigger museums in Stockholm. I really loved reading about how they are preserving the ship. However the ABBA Museum just knocked Vasa out of the water (pun intended).

Lunch was bought from a tiny stand near the museums. Honestly by the time we had visited the museums, we were dead tired. We decided to walk around Gamla Stan for a little bit, but to return the next day to explore more.

Gamla Stan 
Did you really go to Stockholm if you didn't take this picture?

Day Two was spent in Gamla Stan, which means Old City in Swedish. Chris had found a free English walking tour. Our guide (sorry, I don't remember his name now) was really well informed. The tour was about 2 hours. We did tip our guide even though he said it wasn't necessary. He was a student like us so we forked out a few kronors because we really did enjoy the tour. There are so many little cute streets, restuarants and shops in Gamla Stan, so we spent the rest of the day there. We had a fika at Cafe Kladdkakan. They have many varieties of the Swedish kladkaka (sticky cake). I had a nutella kladkaka while Chris had a berry one. Jättegott!

Armor Decor in the Royal Armory

Swedish kings are pretty bougie

The sun started to set around 4 pm

The next day we had to check out of our hostel by 11am so we slept in a little and then checked out. Since we had done all of the big touristy things to do and were on a student budget, we decided to head to a tourist office to find out what was free to do in Stockholm. (NOTE: some museums are not open on Monday, plan accordingly) Here's a list of the top 10 free museums in Stockholm. We went to the Royal Armory (free entrance). I highly recommend it! For a free museum it is well done. There are swords, shields, horse armor and a lot more. I was really impressed. There was even a special exhibit about the forbidden love story between Axel von Fresen and Marie Antoinette.

I really loved spending a long weekend in Stockholm. It's a gorgeous city. 
Now I only have two more Scandinavian capitals to visit: Helsinki and Reykjavik!

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