Day off. Treat yo self.

So this past Saturday was my first day off in 10 whole freaking days. Okay, technically 9-- I got sick last Wednesday morning, couldn't keep anything down, finally I was diagnosed with mittelschmerz (that will be a whole blog post in itself).

I decided I was going to have a well deserved "Macy day". We had just gotten paid (most of my paycheck went to rent and paying for the GRE *yay*) and I was ready to spoil myself.

Since I don't have a car here I had to plan my day pretty carefully. In the morning I got up and after a great cafeteria breakfast, I hopped on the employee bus down to Jackson. I had planned it perfectly. The Farmer's Market was in full swing and I was ready to indulge my foodie senses. Unfortunately I didn't have a way to refrigerate food so I had to just look and not buy. ugh, sadness. I did buy a wonderful huckleberry almond crepe... It wasn't France good but it was America good. I found the cutest couple with a lavender stand. They own and operate their own lavender farm in Idaho and from their harvests they make wonderful jellies, honeys, teas, and cooking salts. Even though I don't have a kitchen here in Wyoming, I could not resist buying some of their cooking herbs and salts. I'm already dreaming of what I will produce from my own kitchen in Mississippi.

After I had gotten my fill of the farmer's market I just wandered in and out of the different shops along the square. There are a lot of cute little shops in Jackson, but they are all out my price range. If they're not touristy, they're too expensive for me.

I had researched Jackson's public transportation system quite extensively before I began my day and I decided that I would take the bus and see a movie. I saw The Secret Life of Pets. It was cute and funny... there was a dachshund named Buddy...but I'm not entirely sure if I should have spent $8 on it. Whatever, this was "Macy day" and I wanted to see a movie...

I went back into Jackson via bus. I had seen a book store on my way to the movie theater, so I wanted to see if they had any of the books I am required to read this Fall. *nerd Macy alert: getting ahead on schoolwork for the semester that hasn't even happened yet* I bought one of them and headed to a local coffee shop to relax until the bus came to pick me up.

What a perfect day off.
"Macy day" well spent.
Treat yo self.


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