Bouldering & Night Hiking

Whoops... I've been a little lazy again with the blog posts. This is actually my first day off in 10 days! Needless to say I am tired and I am catching up on some well needed R & R.

Every Tuesday, a group of employees get together and go bouldering.
What is bouldering? Not a stupid question. I didn't know either until I jumped in the car to go... It's basically like rock climbing without the harness and the rope. Extreme rock climbing.
Last week I decided to join in.

So here I go, scaredy-cat Macy off to climb some crazy rock. Once we got to the site, everyone jumped on that rock like they were born with suction cups on their palms. I watched for a few minutes then my friends Becky and Kevin talked me into trying out the easy route... Even though I had watched multiple people climb up and over the rock, I thought I had memorized every step in the climb, but I suddenly froze and was just afraid to take the jump (or in this case the giant step up a rock).  I hated myself for doing this. I felt like everyone was watching me and judging me... in all honesty they weren't. stupid anxiety. As much as I wanted to get over the boulder, I just couldn't.

So in defeat, Becky, Jamie and I headed down to Jenny Lake. The water was absolutely perfectly clear. Between the water, reflection, mountains, and laughter of friends; the anxiety and embarrassment washed away.

Apparently, bouldering did not satisfy some people's appetite for adventure. Kevin and Becky had a super great idea of going on a hike. in the dark. I wanted to redeem my 'adventure-ness', even though I was scared out of my skin to go... I went.

The hike was Grand View. It is only about a mile, but it is straight up and intense elevation gain. So here we are: headlamps on, bear spray on the ready... we head up. Every time a twig broke or the wind whistled through the trees... I jumped. Someone decided to put me in the back and I was constantly looking behind me envisioning a huge bear stalking us, but *thankfully* I didn't.

Once we got to the top of Grand View, it was truly a GRAND view. Still shaking and afraid of possible doom, we turned off our headlamps to see the stars and the milky way. wowza. it was so so so amazing. If anyone asks if you want to run up a steep hill in the dark, say YES.

*since this said hike, Becky and I have hiked this trail intoxicated, you could say we're crazy or we're just adventurous*



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