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Read my January Flixbus articles about Lille, Amsterdam & Paris!

Hello everyone! I have received word that all of the articles I wrote last month for Flixbus are live and ready to be read! Last month I wrote about my travels to Stockholm (see my previous post), Lille, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Here is the original post that I wrote on my blog after visiting Lille for the second time in November 2015. And here is the Flixbus article to help you further plan your trip to Lille!

In the spring of 2017, my mother and I visited Amsterdam as part of my present for graduating from college. I wrote a few different articles about our trip, but this one was the most read. Here is the article I wrote for Flixbus about all the various museums you can explore while in Amsterdam!

Finally for this month, is the article I have written about Paris. I have traveled to Paris multiple times and each time is so wonderful. For Flixbus, I have written what I believe to be best things to see and experience. Here is my most recent blog post about my trip to Pa…

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