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Riga & Vilnius

Between courses, we had a long weekend making for a perfect time to get away and explore a few more places. I love traveling in Europe in the fall. I think the months of October and November are so beautiful anyway, but then the beauty is just magnified by the lack of tourists. I wrote earlier that I have admitted that I won't make my goal of visiting all EU countries before graduating next June - I mean I am here to study and I am so blessed to have a job to help me finance my life in Sweden and aid in paying back those student loans.

But... Back to the trip... This time, I was happy to have a good friend, Maike, join me on the journey. On Halloween evening (ooh spooky) we flew from Copenhagen to Riga with Air Baltic. We got in around 9 and had a quick bite to eat (but please don't ask me where - I can't remember to save my life). We stayed at Tree House Hostel. It was newly renovated, breakfast was included and close to the center of Riga so we were very happy with the h…

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