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5 Autumn in Skåne Must-Haves

This is my second year living in Skåne, Sweden's southernmost region. While Skåne does not get the terrible winters that Sweden is known for, it does experience different weather than I was I used to Georgia and Mississippi. Fall in Georgia and Mississippi doesn't really start until mid-October and then kinda plunges into a strange semi-winter where you can never pack up your summer clothes. In Sweden, pretty much after mid-September, all of my summer clothes have been tucked away in my closet.

So if you are planning to live or travel through Skåne in the fall, here are the top 5 things you got to remember:

1. Rain Gear. Y'all. It rains here. Like - really rains. At times it seems like the rain is flying up from the ground. I'm not exactly sure at the happens but spend a fall here and you'll see what I'm talking about. The minute it begins to get chilly here is when you know to not only bring out the sweaters but also your rain gear. The brand Tretorn, who is kn…

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