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How I Use Notebooks

There are big notebooks and small notebooks. Pretty notebooks and not so pretty notebooks (there is no such thing as ugly notebooks). There are so many ways to fill up notebooks. Here are just a few of the ways I that put the many notebooks I have to good use:
quick notes We are all constantly thinking and observing the world we live in. There have been so many times that I've been on the bus, in the grocery store or elsewhere that a thought crosses my mind. I try to keep a small little notebook in my purse or backpack just in case the next American Classic enters my mind while buying milk.
new Swedish words I am trying desperately to learn Swedish. Compared to French it has been extremely difficult since the two languages are completely different. I always have a small itty bitty notebook to write down a new word I hear or see while out and about. I usually don't have the time to translate the word or phrase at that moment, so I will go back later and find its English twin. Th…

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