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Getting Involved as a Master's Student

I have always been involved with school life.  middle school knitting club? high school French club? having an executive position in my sorority? It seems so completely natural to me to be involved with things happening on and around campus.

When I first moved to Sweden to do my Master's I wondered what sort of opportunities will I have to get active with student life. or would I even have time to get involved? Will there be a language barrier? The answer to all of these questions is YES! I have multiple opportunities to become involved with many different on-campus groups. I have some free time as a grad student to get involved, plus it looks great on your resume to have a balanced life.  Also, you're stupid to think that you can come to another country and not have an issue with the language. I think that is one of the things that makes being involved here in Sweden so much fun. I can practice my Swedish in a relaxed environment.

I have gotten super involved with an on-campu…

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