Spring Weekend in Warsaw

Continuing on my Polish road trip to visit my sister, I left Krakow very early to take a Flixbus to Warsaw. Arriving around lunch, my sister picked me up at the bus terminal, we went to her apartment to drop off my bags and wash up quickly before heading out to find some lunch. For almost a whole semester, my sister had been telling me about this Polish-Moes restaurant so after taking pictures of The Palace of Culture and Science, an enormous building built by the Soviets during their rule of the country, we walked across the street to this giant shopping mall. I guess Polish people love subtle irony...
The Palace of Culture and Science 

After enjoying my fill of tasty Mexican food, we headed to the zoo which lies along the river overlooking the Old Town. In park before going into the zoo, there are a few food stalls where you can get treats or souvenirs, Elizabeth and I had to get a cotton candy. The best part was that it was only 5 zloty (about 1 dollar) and it was guaranteed fresh since it was spun right in front of you! Talk about a sugar rush!

Fresh cotton candy? Happy sister!

My first full day was spent walking around the Old Town of Warsaw. During World War II and Nazi control of the country, the Old Town was completely destroyed so the fact that the entire neighborhood was completely rebuilt is simply amazing. We ate pierogi at a little chain restaurant where you can try and sample different types of pierogi based on your liking. I had some filled with cheese and then fried -nothing could be better until you saw the strawberry jelly to dip them in. Oh, my gracious everything in my body was happy!

The center of Old Town

From the Old Town, we walked down to where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is, but not before enjoying an ice cream. The memorial and the tomb itself is pretty incredible. Two fully uniformed soldiers guard the tomb so I can only imagine how hot or cold it could get standing out there. The memorial remembers all the fallen Polish over all the wars Poland was fought in.

Tomb of the Unkown Soldier

We continued our adventure to the University of Warsaw's library rooftop garden. A perfect break spot! The garden was amazing - so whoever had that idea kudos to you!

Rooftop Garden

After visiting the garden, we took the subway to the former Jewish ghetto where the neighborhood is just filled with memorials to those lost during the Holocaust. The largest memorial stands at the former train station, Umschlagplatz, where Polish Jews were taken to concentration camps. The memorial that stands there now is beautiful. All of the family names of those transported from that train station are engraved on the walls of the memorial. Simple and honoring all lost.

Umschlagplatz Memorial

On Sunday and my last full day, we got up early to go to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. On Sundays the museum is free and you should try to get there as early as possible to stand in line. I thought my sister was lying when she told me it would be packed even during the off-season -- she wasn't. It was kind of incredible to see so many Polish people come to learn and share the proudness of their country. The museum was well-done as well. Not everything was translated into English, but that's okay enough was so that I could get a general understanding of the uprising and the events that followed. I would have paid to see it, but it's always nice to save a little bit where you can so you can spend that money on pierogi or ice cream.

The last sight to see while in Warsaw was Łazienki Park. Here we could have strolled here all day. The gardens are gorgeous and there is a palace (I'm sorry, but I don't remember the name of the palace). For some reason, there were peacocks walking around the palace. Some people were getting a little too close for comfort with the peacocks but you do you. I don't want to be chased by a peacock but hey that's me. Also located in the park is the Chopin Statue. Around the statue is a good place to meet friends and enjoy one of the many free concerts in the park. My sister said that once the weather gets nice you can expect a concert to occur at least every weekend, maybe more.

That baby was getting a little too close to the peacock for my liking...


After visiting Łazienki park, we collected my items so I could catch my bus back to Krakow and fly back to Sweden. Poland is a wonderful country full of history and the people are so proud of their culture and country. If you ask someone, they would be happy to tell you about their hometown or country even with limited English. I'm so happy I go to visit my sister in her little temporary home. 

Have you been to Poland? Or are you planning a trip? Let me know your thoughts! 

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