Helsingborg Pride Festival

This Saturday in Helsingborg the city held their first Pride Festival and as luck would have it, it was my first Pride Festival as well. This past week has been very rainy and yucky but that didn't stop Helsingborg from celebrating. I was surprised how many people and groups came out to support the festival. Schools, government organizations, the police and firefighters, even the Swedish Church all had groups walking in the parade!

The parade started in the park near my house and ended in the plaza near the harbor. Instead of standing in the rain and getting entirely soaked, my friends all agreed to walk in the parade while still getting entirely soaked.

As we walked through the streets of central Helsingborg, there were people all lined on the streets waving flags and dancing. It was a true celebration of life and love. I am happy that I took this opportunity to celebrate with my new city and friends.

At the harbor, there was a concert to keep the vibes from the parade flowing. We stayed at the concert for a little bit, but the rain only got worse. Of course we ended our celebration with a post-pride fika. I think that is the most Swedish I have ever felt: drinking coffee with a pride flag painted on my face.

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